Super Mom!

miel super momAs I near the nine month mark of pregnancy, motherhood feels as though it has already begun.  Our little guy may still be snuggled up comfortably in my growing belly, but he is already very much a part of our lives.  We’ve got another five weeks, give or take, before he joins us on the outside world, but for now we enjoy his frequent thumps and pings to say hello.

I’d have to say that I am ever so grateful for my good health and fitness throughout my pregnancy.  I even surprised myself with how easy it was to finish a 5k fun run two weeks ago (at 8 months and a week).  I finished at a 10.50 mile/minute, which was far behind my first two 5ks while pregnant (both at 8 min miles), but I am so please to still be running so late into pregnancy.

I’m also still at the gym six days a week, modifying where necessary, but I’m still able to pop up into a headstand with no assist.  I couldn’t have done that several years ago, so to do so pregnant feels pretty darn awesome.

Our little guy has been such a trooper with my exercise habits that we joke he’ll come out running.  He’ll definitely start up with baby yoga soon and be running with me after it is safe to do so.  Looking forward to it!





I hit a new threshold yesterday. I was in a meeting discussing new business opportunities in Asia. The conversation brought up the need for someone to go out to Myanmar to work on a couple of proposals for a month. I sat there, contemplating. I first did the math, knowing that my twin sis will be here for a visit in 22 days. Nope, couldn’t do a month. Then the anti went down, perhaps they could manage with someone just for two weeks. Hmmm, could almost fit within that window of time.

Then I snapped out of it. I considered what else I would miss during that time, birthing classes, getting the nursery together, working on our blogs, selling one of our investment places, spring time. No, I should definitely not open my mouth.

The conversation continued. No one raised the specific possibility of my going, but it was clear that everyone in the room considered at some point. Only to remember that I’m pregnant, having finally popped in the last couple of weeks as I move into month 7.

Technically I had put my travel cut off as a vague sometime in March. Deep down I know that my not saying something was more a matter of my sister coming to visit than any concern for my pregnancy, but it serves as a convenient excuse. I would never say that I couldn’t go because of something personal like a family visit, but being pregnant gives me the free pass. The only other time I’ve had a free pass was when I was dealing with melanoma several years ago. I knew it was a sad reality when I realized the only reason I wasn’t traveling the the famine in the Horn of Africa was because I had cancer, no other reason would have kept me stateside.

Despite the fact that Myanmar would be a place I would love to visit, I feel nothing but happy for staying here. I’ll be in Washington for a full six months at one stint, nearly the longest I can say that has happened. I think I made it 9 months here, back when I first moved to Washington a decade ago, but sticking in one place hasn’t been my forte. Looking forward to the next four months to settle and enjoy being grounded!



Blessed is This Life

I’m going to celebrate being alive. I’m also going to celebrate this child growing inside of me.

Yep, that’s right, I’m pregnant!  It’s clearly taken me awhile to announce on my blog, but our little boy is due June 2nd.  I’m now in the last week of me second trimester and doing very well.

Miel & James announcing their little one on the way, due June 2nd 2014.

I was at a Brett Dennen concert last week at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC and was inspired by the lyrics of his song Blessed to share the news.  It reminded me of exactly why I am out in the world the way that I choose to be, whether it is around the world or around the corner at our local concert venue.  Just like my twin sister, who saw Brett at a live recording at Kink radio in Portland with her six month old Teagan.

We only have one life, but we do have the opportunity to give life to another.  It is a crazy and amazing part of life that I feel blessed to experience.

You may be wondering, as I do, what this will mean for my wandering ways.  Truth is, I can’t really say.  The only thing I know for sure is that having a child will change my life forever more.  He’s already been with me to Burundi, Kenya, and the Philippines, so he’s got a jump on the traveling lifestyle en utero.  He was even with me when I enjoyed my numerous runs in Bujumbura and Nairobi, including a 14 mile run that felt like a lovely run in the arboretum.  Little did I know I was pregnant to boot!

I’ve also shared several posts on how Ben Harper has inspired me over the years.  I’ve been fortunate enough to see him at least a half dozen times over nearly the last twenty years.  Looking forward to having both artists inspire me during the birth of our son.

In Peace,