It seems that I can’t keep track of my own adventures to share with friends, family and beyond. I suppose I’ll start from where I’m at and share adventures of wildlife, hiking volcanoes, and other adventures in the days and weeks to come. I just downloaded my pictures and realize how much there is to catch up with.

My most recent adventure was checking out the bonobos just outside of Kinshasa, where I’ve been for the last week. Bonobos are a small type of chimpanzee, their own species mind you, that are found only here in DR Congo. Their DNA is a 98% match to that of humans. Pretty crazy.

Even though they are naturally found out in the middle of Congo, they have a nice sanctuary to visit easily from Kinshasa.

These guys are very mischievous and pretty much harassed each other the entire time that we watched them. They were jumping all over the place and attacking each other with kung fu moves. This guys are resting for a moment as they plot their next attack.

Here we have them with the straw flying! Take that!
Or maybe I’ll pause for a bite.
Or perhaps just to hang out!

Fun times,


2 thoughts on “Bonobos!

  1. Ms. Miel

    ‘Drea – Yes, I think I’d agree with you on the action shot. Certainly not easy pictures to catch. Am looking into getting an even better camera so I can’t wait to play with it.

    You can look forward to volcano shots today.



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