Influx of Whites to Rwanda

My colleague here on Congo tipped me off to this great blog, This is Africa, that covers many of my stomping grounds within Africa. I haven’t had a chance to explore more of his blog, but based on this first post I will definitely be back for more.

Rwandan officials appeal to Western governments: Please, send more blacks.

A concerning piece about the devastating influx of whites into Rwanda. My favorite lines are:

“The capital, according to analysts, has been hardest hit by the surplus of whites. Kigali‚Äôs Bourbon Coffee, according to a recent Human Rights Watch report, ranks among the most densely populated coffee shops on the planet.”

This is of course, a coffee shop that I have frequented myself – Ms. Whitie – guilty as charged.

“According to local media, Kigali supermarkets have been unable to cope with the sudden demand for soy milk and hummus.”

I can’t say that eastern DRC expats are priviledged to have either of those luxuries, but if they were here, there would certainly be a run on them!

and last but not least:

“Reports that the capital was facing a dire shortage of horn-rimmed glasses and ironic t-shirts could not be confirmed.”

Of course I couldn’t control my laughter at this one, since I was wearing my horn rimmed glasses, and my other colleagues – our security officer – was wearing a shirt that said, “Green Piece” (with a picture of a gun) in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

Christopher Vourlias, the witty travel extraordinary, is a simply hilarious 30 something, Brooklyn-born travel writer, currently based out of a suitcase.

Check out his above post for a great laugh. I would have to say that I’d agree with one of the comments, in that only those of who actually know Africa, can either a) understand the real nuances behind much of his humor; or b) can tell when he’s joking and when he might actually be serious.

Either way, whether you understand it or not, I still think it is pretty fabulous!

Keep up the great work Christopher!

Safe travels,


5 thoughts on “Influx of Whites to Rwanda

  1. 'Drea

    My favorite reportage: According to local media, Kigali supermarkets have been unable to cope with the sudden demand for soy milk and hummus.

    Now, that’s funny…

  2. Ms. Miel

    ‘Drea – I couldn’t agree more. I think here in Goma, DRC it would be an influx of jet skis and kayaks!

    I could be a top tourist destination if it weren’t for the rebels.


  3. Ms. Miel

    ‘Drea – That is crazy. I’d certainly be into all sorts of crazy tourist adventures, but that one goes a bit far. My friends here commented that there are similar tourist deals for stay a night in prison. Not on my wish list of places to go.

    One on my wish list is to hike to the volcano here in Goma. If we hadn’t gone out yesterday to visit one of our clinic rehabilitations then I would have opted to do that. It is only open a few times of year, so hopefully I’ll get lucky the next time I’m here! We just talked to a guy who was there last night and it was incredible. The tip was to bring a good mattress though, as sleeping on volcanic rock is not so comfy!

    As always, thanks for sharing!


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