On Being American

Patriotic cheesecake I made yesterday for my office, tasty!

Being American is something that I am very aware of as I travel throughout the world.  I have become a global citizen in so many ways, but I’ll always be American.

Being American is far too easy to take for granted.  It is easy to forget all the benefits that come as an American.  Washington, and many other areas, have been hit hard by the storm last weekend and many are still without power in pretty oppressive heat. 

I liked one woman’s comment on the radio, that it wasn’t that big of a deal, as she grew up as a kid without electricity.  Most American have never lived without power for more than a few hours.  It is easy to forget that most of the world lives without this luxury.

Being in Washington I’m aware of living at what in many ways is the center of global politics.  A gorgeous city that oozes history and is some of the best of America when it comes to architecture and historic neighborhoods.  We are very, very fortunate to live where we are.  We are very fortunate to be Americans.

Happy 4th!


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