Pirates, Bird of Paradise & Meerkats, oh my!

Last weekend we enjoyed the incredible weather by exploring Roosevelt Island with a couple of friends.  Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Island, a small pedestrian island in the Potomac, has been on my to see list since I moved to Washington over nine years ago.  So close and yet so far away.

As we walked along, my friend asked, as usual about upcoming travels.  I noted several planned trips to Oregon, and the possibility of Hawaii or Africa.  I added that James and I had been talking about finding somewhere nearby to explore some place in the region, but that since we’d been talking about that possibility for years, I didn’t know how likely it was that it would happen.  She laughed, noting that I talk about exploring Virgina in about the same way as one talks about the remote possibility of traveling to Africa.  Yet, based on past behaviors, I’d be more likely to end up in Africa or elsewhere than to make it past Dulles in Virgina.
Photo: Real Pirates Book
This weekend my husband James and I continued on the theme of exploring the local, with a walk down to the National Geographic exhibit on Real Pirates, Birds of Paradise, and a Meerkat movie.

Birds of Paradise have quite the moves and have adapted to be beautiful because, in an environment with plentiful food and few predators, they have nothing to worry about but procreation.

Take away on meerkats: It’s all about team work and family, but don’t forget whose in charge.

What have you explored locally lately?



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  1. Unknown

    Too fun…I’ll have to show the kids the trailers, and hopefully the Meerkat show will come to Portland… They loved seeing the baby elephant orphanage that you visited in Kenya 🙂

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