Toddler Travel Trouper

Clark has consistently been a fabulous travel trouper. He was three weeks for his first flight and he seems more accustomed to travel than most adults are. On our recent trip to Ghana, this was no different. The thing about kids and travel is adjusting to where they are and making the schedule to accommodate their needs as much as possible (i.e. making sure that you are in a space that is conducive to having a nap). When it comes to flights, there are no two ways about it, it simply takes time to travel the world. 24 hour plane trips are just part of the adventure.

On our return from Ghana we were lucky that we ended up with an extra seat next to us, and thus three seats in the middle to ourselves. This meant that Clark slept soundly for the first four hours or so, taking up approximately one and a half seats to himself. It will likely be the last time that he won’t have a seat to himself, so it was definitely appreciated (by us and fellow passengers alike).

Clark enjoyed making eyes and friends with folks all over the plane. He was awake and animated for the last half of the 10 hour plane ride, being nice and trying to share his sippy cup with a neighboring infant (but making her smile none-the-less).

I caved in and shared the Kit-Kat bar that we were given as a snack with Clark. Adam woke up and was confused at how he ended up with chocolate on his shirt. I pointed at Clark (who was covered with chocolate goodness), and Adam responded with his award-winning gaffaw of a laugh. Clark thought this was pretty funny too. By that point in our travels, I was just glad that we were all enjoying ourselves.

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