10 Year Peace Corps Reunion

This weekend we celebrated our group’s ten year Peace Corps reunion. We arrived in Ghana in the same training group and share a unique and fabulous bond through our experiences. Better than college, and certainly high school, the connection is somehow unexplainable.

We had a full weekend of celebrations and libations and just truly enjoyed a good time of catching up together. In the spirit of service we also volunteered in the DC Central Soup Kitchen and prepared food for 4,000 people. It felt great to work as a team and help out.

We had about 15 of our original group of 40 to attend, coming from areas as far as California, Colorado, Boston, Alaska, and Berlin. A truly wonderful group of people.

Now I’m headed off to the airport as we speak, landing soon in my 50th country. I’ll be traveling to Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Zimbabwe. I’ll have more updates from on the road about what I’m doing in each of those places.



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