40 at 30

I believe that it is essential to spell out your dreams in order to achieve them. I don’t recall exactly where I was, but it occurred to me as I traveled through Europe at age 16 that I wanted to travel to at least as many countries as whatever age I was.

I achieved that goal by the time I was 20 and haven’t looked back since. There were a few dry years of being stateside that I began to wonder, but for the most part I’ve stayed well ahead of my goal.

Of course this means that my goal is never ending, or I have to visit a hundred countries before I can be relatively assured that I won’t outlive my goal. So far so good. I just keep plugging along and exploring.

Being here in Southeast Asia makes me want to experience every last country around here. It is really incredible and has sparked my travel bug even further, if there were possible.

I’ll have to be doing some blogging recaps of the places I’ve visited on this trip, as computer time is spent for work and any free time should be spent out exploring. I did want to put up a short post tonight to let people know that I’m doing well.

I was in Malaysia last week, Vietnam at the moment, and am off to Thailand tomorrow night. Then back through Singapore, fly through Qatar, stopover in Dubai, and then back to Kabul before heading to Switzerland at the end of the week for our first R&R. Looking forward to it!


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