9 in 2009

That’s right! I’m an Auntie now for the 9th time over!

Number nine arrived this afternoon in Portland, Oregon to my twin sister. Her name is Mckenna Rose and we are delighted to have her.

I’m frankly amazed at the process. My sister was able to give birth in less time than it took me to have dinner with a friend. I was talking with my mom on the way to the restaurant and my sister was just getting into the birthing tub, as she was having a home water birth. We hadn’t even gotten to our main course by the time she had a healthy baby girl.

I am just so delighted for her. She didn’t know what the sex was until the birth, but I had several dreams of her having a girl.

I will be headed to Eastern DR Congo on Friday and had talked with my sister on Friday and let her know that my travel schedule had moved up and that it would be great for her to have the baby before I leave. My sister is so nice that she accommodates my travel schedule when giving birth!

Can you tell I’m an excited Auntie!

Welcome Makenna!


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