A Day in the Life of a Nomad

Yesterday was pretty representative of a day in the life of a this nomad.

5:50 – Wake up to new kitty, Jasmine, jumping up onto the headboard, then onto the shelf of our bedside mirror, knocking down one of my chakra stones collected in Zimbabwe.

6:00 – Alarm goes off.  Put on workout clothes. Listen to coffee start and glad that I prepped last night. Hunt for keys to get housesitter.  We are headed to Hawaii tomorrow and I’ve just secured the cat sitter before going to bed last night.  Can’t find keys.  Continue to throw stuff in a pile to prep for packing.

6:50 – Opt to walk hubbie to the metro since I don’t have the keys to bring to the house sitter.  Halfway to the metro I realize that I can take James’ keys and copy them before the end of the day.  We part ways and I run up to Mt. Pleasant.  It is one of the steepest hills in Washington.  It was on our regular route when James and I ran years ago together with more regularity than today.  I pass our stopping point with speed and charge along into the heart of Mt. Pleasant.  I drop keys on in a candle holder of a beautiful Victoria group house of a former colleague and friend.  The run is one of my best.  Weather is finally beautiful and I’m rocking it.

7:30 – Back at home, continue to pack, get dressed, etc.

8:37 – Head to the office.  Late.  As usual.  Power walk to the office.

9:03 – Meeting about contingency planning for Zimbabwe.

9:37 – Catch up on emails from overnight.  See that Ethiopia bid needs some help.  Due today.

10:01 – Easter egg hunt.  Happen to find one of the eggs with a note for a prize in it.  Wonder what I’ll do with a peanut butter filled rabbit that I would have eyed as a kid.

10:02 – Planning meeting for a proposal in Kenya.  Discussion of opportunity in South Africa.

10:30 – Start to focus again on Ethiopia proposal due.  In short, I worked for 4 hours on it the day before and then had debate with team developing it about changes made to improve likelihood of winning.  Work on further clarification and honing with several folks.

1:00 – Skip regional meeting in lieu of deadline.

1:16 – Meeting called by partner about bid for Zimbabwe.

1:30 – Skip call with potential partner about South Africa bid, due to time crunch.

1:32 – Do a final rework of concept note to ensure technical integrity.  This adds a quarter of a page that I then have to edit down at lightening speed.

1:45 – Normal hiccups with online submission that typically happen when you least want them to.

1:57 – Submit proposal with three minutes to spare.

2:01 – Meeting to discuss proposal workshop from last week, discuss how to improve systems.

3:00 – Out of meeting, thankfully on time.  Realize that lunch has happened.  Run downstairs and grab a Pepe “Unwich” with peppers, essentially a lettuce wrap with ham.  Run into old boss as he exits the parking garage.  He’ll call me.

3:11 – Half of lunch finished.  Call from previous boss to work on evaluation of previous country director.

3:26 – Call with LA office about how to set up a survey to improve systems.  Walk through basics, mostly realizing it will take more time/effort than I have.

3:40 – Out on time to head to partners meeting about Zimbabwe.

3:56 – There early.  Discuss changes to proposal.  Our bid won against the incumbent and great odds. Discuss details and deadlines to turn a response back to the donor in the next two weeks.

5:02 – Leave and call potential partner for South Africa opportunity.  Walk through Dupont Circle considering if this is something we should go after.  Doing so would mean not going to Hawaii. Huge opportunity in trade for a great deal of work and giving up Hawaii.

5:26 – Safeway stop for cat litter, cereal, creamer and frozen lunches for hubbie.  We’ve been eating everything out of our fridge in anticipation of going to Hawaii.

5:46 – Home.  Sweep. Change laundry. Clean out fridge. Clean counters.  Continue to pile/pack. Make smoothie and slurp while running around.  Grab aloha dress and consider whether I’ll be headed to Hawaii or South Africa.

6:46 – Talk with James, he is on his way home.  I’ll leave new keys under the flower pot before I go to yoga.  We discuss South Africa.  He encourages me to talk with my boss and consider it. 

6:51 – Head to advance inversion yoga class.  Call boss and leave a message.  Stand on my head with ease and marvel.  Can’t help but consider travel options when in shavasana.

8:32 – Text boss back while walking home.  Continue to pack/clean/discuss options with James.

9:17 – Have nearly an hour call with my boss about Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Kenya, and South Africa.  It seems like South Africa is a go if I’m wiling to go after it.

10:26 – Sit down to draft up action emails on Zimbabwe, South Africa, and a few others.  Talk with sis for 4 minutes; let her know I may not be in Portland tomorrow night (en route to Hawaii).

12:22 – Hit send.  Brush teeth.  Go to bed. can’t sleep.

6:00 – Alarm tolls.  Start again.  Consider list of to-dos, depending on if I go to South Africa or Hawaii tonight. 


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  1. 'Drea on March 31, 2013 at 2:19 am

    Wow, full day. Kudos on the running and yoga accomplishments. As soon as I finished your post, I googled chakra stones…

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