Acroyoga Synergy

This afternoon I had the pleasure to participate in a Synergy workshop, based on the practice of acroyoga, with principles of Thai massage mixed in.

Acroyoga, combining acrobatics with yoga, is a fabulous way to take yoga to the next level. In case you are wondering what this looks like, essentially you have a partner, with one as the base and the other as the flyer. There are all sorts of fun tricks you can do with the right partner, pulling to stretch eachother’s bodies.

Of course, it is easier to understand in a video, so here are a couple of good ones to check out.

Francisco, who lead the workshop an travels the world doing these kinds of workshops, has his work based on massage and integrates components into the poses and the recovery work.

He focuses on the healing aspect of the practice, and indeed I felt the benefits of community and healing.

In peace,


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