Asian Alps

I’ve learned that Afghanistan was once considered the Switzerland of Asia. Then relatively stable, centrally located, plenty of places to hide money, and beautiful mountains. Unfortunately they are missing the fabulous chocolate and the clockwork government. Add both of those and Afghanistan might just pull it together.

I thought folks would like to see the comparison between the Swiss Alps and the Asian Alps. Both incredible.
My colleagues say that I brought the sunshine back with me from Switzerland. They are right. It was fabulous clear blue skies and sunshine for 90% of my R&R in the Alps. Coming back to Kabul has brought more of the same.

Yesterday was the first day that you could walk home for lunch without a jacket. I enjoyed watching the sunset on the back porch without a jacket. The nearest mountain has lost all of its snow. The snow packed yard that I face as I write this has receded greatly in the past couple of days that I’ve been back in Kabul.

I’ve got a lot of traveling to catch up on my blog. I covered ten countries in a month, in Southeast Asia, Asia, Middle East, and Europe! I’ll do my best to get photos up online and stories as well.



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