Attachment to Goals

Reflecting upon my last post, I wanted to clarify the why in all of it. I visited my 41st country, Qatar, on Friday and got a brief taste of a place that would otherwise be a place on a map or a country my colleagues work to reform the education system in.

While I certain want to reach my goal of traveling to at least one country for however old I am, in the end it’s much more about quality than quantity. The thing about experiencing a new country is that I’ve never been disappointed by the opportunity to explore someplace new.

I guess it’s one of those challenges that I love in life. Goodness, it’s a whooping 9:40 and I’m about ready to fall asleep here as I type. Suppose I’ll sign off before I get any more incoherent!




  1. suz on February 6, 2008 at 1:15 am

    quality over quantity. nuf said.

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