Beach Dreams

We all have those dreams that sink into our psyche and never let go.  My dream of owning a summer cottage was hatched as a Rotary exchange student in Finland during high school, where most families have a small summer cottage to retreat in the long summer nights.  Most on are lakes (Finn’s boost 187,000 lakes!), but my first Finnish beach cottage experience was actually on the sea, and truthfully it was certainly more than just a cottage.

My twin sister has similar dreams of owning a beach cabins, though hers has been more tied to the beach itself.  I’m equal opportunity and will take one at the beach, one on a stream, and another in the forest.  🙂

The exciting news is that what started as a dream, and began to take shape as a plan only back at the end of last year, is now becoming a reality.  Today we head out to the coast to check out progress.

We are in the final phases of building two adjoining beach “camp cabins” at Olivia Beach, just north of Lincoln City on the Oregon coast.  Though I’d have to say from my version of camping, they don’t qualify!  If you are the type that prefers to camp with indoor plumbing and a flat screen, then these are right up your alley!

We signed on the deal and started construction back in March, so things have moved very quickly to be on the eve of outfitting them as rental properties. 

While in all likelihood I will at best make it out to the cabins once a year, it feels great to have a piece of my future already staked out on the coastal waters of Oregon.  Funny enough, when we were kids and played “MASH” the beach was always one of the options!

Can’t want to visit our new places!  I’ll share info later on on how to rent if you are interested.


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  1. 'Drea on July 6, 2012 at 9:33 pm

    Beach/Sweet Dreams indeed… Very nice.

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