Beautiful Drive

The heart of Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo is simply one of the most beautiful places on earth. DRC presents itself with vistas so incredible that they can only render you speechless.
In the past two months I’ve spent approximately 90 hours traveling eastern DRC, Rwanda, and Burundi. Traveling most often by landrover and the occasional boat, this was in relative comfort to my backpacker days of doing a 180 by bus through South America in a mere 3 weeks. It was also on the worst roads I’ve ever experienced in my life.
My favorite route was between Uvira and Bakavu. It was simply stupendous. It felt euphoric in every way. This mountain vista was incredible. I had already driven the parallel road on the Burundi side which was marked with low flat lands and beautiful mountains looking back on the DRC side. While the mountains appeared lovely in the distance, being in them was an experience indeed. I plugged in my iPod after having not listened to music for weeks and just smiled.

Another gorgeous drive was from Baraka to Fizi, where I was looking out imagining the missing wild game from the horizon. It looked as if you should see a “Do not feed the animals” sign, but there were no animals to be had. There were however incredible jungles and mountain views.To finish out my time in DRC the eight hour drive to Kigali yesterday would have been a peaceful retreat with my iPod had only my driver known where Kigali was. As it happened I knew the way better than he, arriving at the airport a mere 70 minutes before my flight!



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