Buzz of Modern Day Violence

Tragedy hits far too often close to home. Most recently it was considering the bombings in Boston, before attacks in Afghanistan, and today DC experiences a shooting rampage.

I spent last Saturday walking along the river trail along the Anacostia that faces the Navy Yard. I spent yesterday playing softball in the beautiful eve of autumn afternoon sun not far from where the shootings took place.

Since the shootings weren’t in the downtown area it felt to me that DC was awash with both the buzz of modern day violence and the indifference of being removed by a couple of miles from the scene of the crime. No imminent danger.

Just a few weeks ago I was at the very gates where the gunmen stole the weapons he used to murder a dozen people. I was innocently looking for the address of a place I was volunteering for mentoring foster kids in the District. The guards effectively kept my benign presence from causing any harm.

When I do trapeze in the District it is about a block from where the shooting rampage occurred.

While I dearly love Washington, I can’t help be aware that living just more than a mile from the White House comes with potential risks. As my dad has noted over the years of my globe trotting to often dangerous places, anything can happen anywhere.

Stay safe,


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