Comeback Kid

Welcome 2012. It’s been awhile. Clearly from my sudden and prolonged silence through the last past of 2011, it was a bit of a duzzy of a year. After the death of my father and diagnosis of melanoma, I managed through six surgeries in nine locations, as well as other personal hiccups along the way. Not an easy one to say the least.

As I moved further through the year, I began to think of Comeback Kid, by Bret Dennen as my theme song. After being the one crying on the bathroom floor, it felt suiting. Now it feels even more meaningful, in that I really do feel that I’ve come back better and brighter than before. It feels good. There’s nothing like adversity to make me come back feel very fortunate for all that I am blessed with in my life. Looking forward to a great year to come.

In a bit of a recap, aside from the brutal highlights, this often wandering nomad has been holding steady in our lovely new historic penthouse in the heart of Washington, DC. I’ll share pictures this week so you know what lures this traveling gal to stick around for a bit longer than usual. I’ll likely be back on the road sometime in spring. I know, not my traditional winter survival plan. I should be leaving right now in that case, it’s finally become winter around here! I look forward to the road when it beckons, but I’m happy as can be to enjoy home for the moment.

In tribute to 2011, I’ll also share my favorite song to honor the year, Dancing at a Funeral, also by Bret Dennen.

Happy New Year to all!

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