Corruption in Afghanistan

A friend passed this article on to me and I thought folks would be interested in it. It appears that Transparency International ranked Afghanistan 172nd out of the 179 countries surveyed last year on its corruption-perceptions Index. That’s quite something out of a great many corrupt nations!

I’d have to say that dealing with getting passports and visas I’ve certainly seen evidence to back up this survey. In Afghanistan you must bribe someone for just about anything you do, from getting married to getting from here to there and everything in between.

Working with the Higher Education Project the issue that often comes up is paying for degrees and grades. No one actually wants to put in the effort if they know that they can just buy their degree. In fact, even if they have put in the effort they might have to pay for what they’ve already earned legitimately.

It’s hard to have faith in anything if you know that everything has it’s price.


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  1. American Genius on April 26, 2008 at 8:47 pm

    not surprising really

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