Dreams of Ghana

As I start this new year, I find myself in such an interesting space of discovery. I’m exactly where I’ve dreamed and created in my mind’s eye for decades. I have all that I need and the freedom to enjoy it. I’ve consistently been able to achieve whatever it is that I set myself to do. So even if I’m living in somewhat uncertain times, I still have an underlying faith that I’ll soon solidify all the threads in my life.

I’ve been reflecting on our trip to Ghana. I’m absolutely remiss that I haven’t blogged fully on Ghana. I have a list of no less than a dozen posts that I plan to share. All the while, all of the pictures on my camera are held up first by loosing the battery as soon as we returned from Ghana. Fast forward a bit, and then I leave the camera (sans battery) at my identical twin sister’s place in Astoria. Alas I still don’t have photos to share.

I’ve been contemplating how best to create a way to regularly go back to Ghana and continue to reconnect and give back in a place that I know so well and could do significant good.

I met up with Peter Okantey, a former Pearl Rotarian who now lives in Ghana with his family and is starting up the Palm Institute of Strategic Leadership.

Peter and I met for the first time last spring, since Peter is now living full time in Ghana, with trips back to the states to fundraise and see family. We met at Caffe Destino, a local Portland coffeeshop around the corner from our place, where a nice cup of decaf will set you back $2. We spoke about me planning to go back to Ghana after so many years. It feels incredible to be on this side of my first return trip back and congratulate myself for making it happen.