En route to Manila

I’ve now hit a new record for speed travel. I just boarded a plane, less than 18 hours after being called on a Sunday night to see if I could travel to Manila to support to emergency response happening in the Philippines. I will be serving as the donor liaison and representative for our teams in the trenches, who are deployed with mobile medical units in hard hit areas.

My work will be grueling none the less, hustling funds for essential programming and coordinating efforts with other humanitarian organizations responding. With nightly calls at 9pm and work around the clock, I am certain it will be the usual grind of work in the field. I will be out for a month. Unfortunately canceling our Thanksgiving plans as a result.

Just getting to the airport was a typical racing effort for me. I managed to arrive after the 1 hour cutoff window and they still let me through. Flew through security and arrived at my gate just in time for boarding. Next I have over 20 hours on a plane, which was actually the less grueling of the options presented. At least I have only one layover in San Fran. Though I imagine I may want to fall on my pillow when I land at 4am local time on Wednesday.

Wish me luck and I will keep folks posted on the lasted.


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