Endless Procession

There has been an endless procession of cars passing by below our window this evening. We live on a small one way street that is a block off of one of the most happening neighborhoods in DC. Generally our street is pretty quiet, with the street backing up only occasionally in the mornings when there is something like a prayer breakfast at the Washington Hilton. This weekend it has been a steady stream.

We have been enjoying the inaugural festivities and are looking forward to the big day tomorrow. I started out the weekend by volunteering with fellow Return Peace Corps Volunteers in painting a local bi-lingual school. When I heard today that Obama had helped in painting a local youth homeless shelter blue, it made me think of the wall I had painted blue just a few days ago. There seems to be a theme with blue…

We went down for the opening concert to join in with the hundreds of thousands of other revelers. It certainly hit mosh pit standards at some points, but luckily there were areas that you could get to that were much less congested. We even ran into two neighbors, a grad friend of James’ that lives a block away, and two fellow volunteers from my time in Ghana that I hadn’t seen since then.

Yesterday evening James and I both went out with friends, he with a group of guys and myself with a group of gals. We both were happy that our neighborhood was the place to be, and enjoyed being so close to home when the night was over. Well worth not having been lured into renting out our place for the weekend.

Today we had a casual day around the house and then I went to a multi-faith service in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Now we are plotting for the big day. We’ve got tickets to see the events from Navy Memorial with a warm place to go in and out of, as well as a boxed lunch. Not a bad plan for a long day. I’ll be volunteering from 3pm to 3am dealing with transporting Obama’s special guests to and from events. This includes seeing everyone dolled up for the official balls tomorrow night. I’ll report back with all of the celebs I’ve seen. Enjoy the day yourself.



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