Exploring Intramuros Manila

Yesterday I finally had the opportunity to escape work for a few hours and explore the old walled city area of Manila, called Intramuros.  Very nice to relax a bit and see something outside a meeting room or my hotel room in Manila.

The Intramuros area is essentially where the Philippines was first colonized, with the first cathedral, a fort, several gardens, and is an area that is 65 hectares surrounded by an historic wall.  Today there are only a handful of the initial churches, but it has become a huge student area with several Universities.  There is also one excellent handicraft and artifact shop that is worth checking out, Silahis Arts & Artifacts (744 Gen. Luna St. Intramuros)

In getting around you can either walk or hire a bike or horse tour.  A friend had recommended the bike tour, and my taxi driver on the way recommended to walk it.  I walked the first bit, and then finally succumbed to the bike taxi.  I figured it was my way to support something in the economy aside from restaurants.  It was a whopping $5 with a generous tip, so I could swing it.  I also saw much more of the area than I would have by foot, as it was already getting later in the day.

After touring around I found a lovely place for a nice dinner.  The Ristorante Delle Mitre (470 Gen Luna St, Intramuros) even had the motto of “A place for dining and relaxation after a day’s toil.”  I finished off my latest book there and it was a tasty dinner.  I’ve been impressed with the great salads here, even better lettuce than you might get in the states.  They also make an excellent carrot cake!

Enjoy the pictures!

Manila_Intramuros 019 Manila_Intramuros 020

Manila_Intramuros 019

Manila_Intramuros 020 Manila_Intramuros 023 Manila_Intramuros 024 Manila_Intramuros 025 Manila_Intramuros 026 Manila_Intramuros 027 Manila_Intramuros 028 Manila_Intramuros 031 Manila_Intramuros 034 Manila_Intramuros 036 Manila_Intramuros 038 Manila_Intramuros 046 Manila_Intramuros 047 Manila_Intramuros 051 Manila_Intramuros 075 Manila_Intramuros 078 Manila_Intramuros 083 Manila_Intramuros 086 Manila_Intramuros 089 Manila_Intramuros 091 Manila_Intramuros 092 Manila_Intramuros 094 Manila_Intramuros 096 Manila_Intramuros 098 Manila_Intramuros 099 Manila_Intramuros 102 Manila_Intramuros 109



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