Get the Biggest Time

As any traveler knows, coming across English grammar mistakes is one of the delights of traveling. While I certainly appreciate it any time when a menu or the like is in English, they almost invariably have some interesting mistakes. Otherwise I’m an avid user of the point and order method. At least that way you know what it looks like!

Back on our honeymoon the private joke between James and I came from an Elephant riding excursion that we went on. On the brochure it said, “Elephants, not just the biggest animal.”

Today at lunch when I came across a photo of divers saying, “Get the biggest time,” I had to laugh. The best part was that the rest of the magazine was in Japanese. (Don’t ask, sometimes you get desperate for reading materials when dining alone!)

Most of these English mishaps are fun and innocent, no one gets hurt.

Back in Ukraine about a year ago I was at a very expensive restaurant and they made the mistake of saying prawns when they should have said minuscule popcorn shrimp. This reminded me why I should stick to potatoes in such places and save the prawns for my time here in Vietnam!



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