Gorillas in the Mist

After working nonstop for two months I decided that it was necessary to take a break and make sure to get out and see a bit of Congo. The best place for that was gorilla trekking.

Two of my colleagues and I headed an hour out of town to go see gorillas in the wild. Given the small world of DRC we also ran into a guy that I had met on my first trip to Goma and another two people who had also been at the party we had attended the night before.

After the guides identified where the gorillas were that morning we headed off to the bush. The first twenty minutes of hiking was done through total jungle. You needed a machete to get through and constantly at to watch your footing and the encroaching stickers. This was conveniently the morning after my scorched knees and I could feel ever sticker and twig most painfully against my knees.

Alas we hit the main trail and a little while longer we saw our first gorilla up in a tree. All you could see was an arm but we were all taking pictures none-the-less. Little didn’t we know how much we would see. We spent an hour with the gorillas, about seven youngsters, several mamas, and even one with a baby hanging on. And of course, the beloved silverback. The big kahuna so to speak.

They were lovely.I’m just glad that my photo skills are as good as they are – this photo has my head conveniently blocking out the gorilla behind me!

We were up close and personal with them for a full hour. It was an incredible experience.



  1. 'Drea on April 7, 2009 at 3:33 am

    Cool footage; thanks for sharing.

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