Hamburgers & Sushi

I know it might sound like an odd combination, but those are the top two items on my list for must haves in Dubai. I’ll be headed shortly for the first, and hopefully accompany the second with a good movie in the evening.

I fell into bed this morning at 4am Dubai time, 6am Dhaka time. I slept blissfully, in the most wonderful bed ever, until just after 10am. Yeah!

Getting there took a bit. As it turned out, Emirates canceled three of the participant tickets from Dhaka to Dubai. I had called in the morning and confirmed their seats. The booking system, however, noticed that they were double book, and canceled both bookings. With the flight over booked by forty, there was no hope in getting them out.

The silver lining was that one of the translators was not checked in yet when we figured this out. This meant that I was able to leave him with the three guys who don’t speak English at all. The next flight available happened to be Saturday.

As luck has it, I’m headed back through the Dubai airport at the exact time that their flight comes back. This means that I can pick them up on the inside and help accompany them as well as the group that I’m picking up from Singapore. Complex – I know – but basically it all works out better than it might have otherwise. Certainly not ideal, but sometimes you just have to deal with reality.

The good news, I managed to get upgraded to business class since one of the ticketing agents is the wife of one of the organizers of our study tour in Dhaka.

Now I’m headed to workout and grab a much anticipated hamburger!



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