Happy Hour Protocol

DC is a happy hour town. It thrives on it. We wouldn’t know what to do without them. Approximately 90% of happy hours happen are on my way home, so it is harder to decline. With happy hour comes a plethora of happy hour protocols.

Tonight’s happy hour came in ranking high on measures of diversity and numbers, even if scoring low for drunkenness, which are always the best ones in my opinion.

A colleague who is new at the office asked how often happy hours like this happen, and my other colleague and I respond that there are all sorts of protocols regarding happy hour etiquette and protocols. It all depends on when it is, who sends the invite, who is anticipated to be there, how long since the last big happy hour, and the list goes on.

Over the last five years at my office the happy hours have ebbed and waned depending all sorts of social dynamics. Just when there is a groove in one direction or another, things change again and you never know what to expect.

Honestly, the most epic of happy hours was about a year ago at our place, going past the norms of happy hour to a full fledged party. The happens when folks are leaving, there is a gorgeous roof deck at the end of summer, and it’s a Friday night. We will have to tone it down next time around.

Overall though, happy hour is a great way to get to know colleagues at a level that just isn’t feasible at the office. You can connect and relate in new ways.

Here’s to next time!



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  1. Darcy @DarcysUtopia on September 19, 2013 at 5:41 pm

    I’m jealous! I loved the Danish tradition of happy hour (everyone in your class got together for an hour or so on Friday after school). I can count on one hand how many happy hours I’ve been to in Portland with coworkers…just not part of the work culture (local government at least…)…I think I need to start hosting my own happy hours…:-)

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