Honoring International Humanitarian Day

For all of those nomads in the world who are also humanitarians. For those who sacrifice and give of themselves, who travel to remote and often insecure places in the world. To those who leave their families and friends, and the comforts of their homes to help those in need. It isn’t an easy job, but I’m glad to be a humanitarian.

It reminds me of the Afghan faculty member I worked with from Kandahar who risked his life just to be a teacher, or the staff we now have responding to the more than 150 women who have been raped in a four day period here in one small corner of eastern DRC, or my team members in Sierra Leone who are starting up a program that will reduce the unnecessary lost lives of children and their mothers.

It also reminds me of the 102 humanitarian lives that were lost in 2009, including some of my own colleagues.

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