It is both the most fun thing to dance, or an endless task list. Normally the later means that things are moving and that progress is being made, and the former means that you are having a great time. If you are lucky, both are taking place.

Right now I am settling into fall in Oregon, celebrating our first year back in Oregon, and our first several months as a new family together.

The scenery changes, but the hustle remains constant. No matter where you are at in life, there is some kind of hustle going on to make it all happen. It takes both effort and letting go to release your expectations and surpass your dreams. My to do list remains full, and yet manageable at the same time. There is both balance and hustle. Sometimes leaning more in one direction than another.

I marvel at how much my life has changed in a mere year. I’ve settled so well into a whole new way of life. I absolutely love our home in Portland, Oregon, and am more in love each day with Adam. Above all, Clark is simply a delightful baby. He keeps us smiling and laughing all day long.