In Her Element

My husband always remarks when I return that Africa suits me. I’m always looking and feeling good, despite the long journey (or at least he is smart enough to tell me this!).

It’s been fun to have a colleague on my recent travels who also likes to take photos. This means I have more pictures than just my own, and catching candids like this one of me and a mob of kids yesterday at a health center called Kausa, in the former Nkunda strong hold area of North Kivu, DRC.

For some people, you couldn’t pay them enough to do my job, but for me I love it. There is never a trip that I go on that I don’t think about how fabulously fortunate I am to do what I love. My colleague, the same photographer, was listening to us go over budgets and proposals and remarked how he couldn’t imagine doing what I do.

Certainly not for the meek at heart, either in terms of pure work load, danger level, or just sheer complexity of what I manage.

The thing is, I wouldn’t be half as productive in a job that wasn’t so challenging. It’s just what I do. I’m in my element.

I’ve scheduled this to be posted when I arrive back in DC, so despite missing Congo, I will be elated to see my husband and the fabulous cherry blossoms!



  1. 'Drea on March 25, 2010 at 1:53 am

    The composition of that photo is completely cool and it is great that you have a job that you love. Not everyone, of course, is so fortunate.

  2. Ms. Miel on March 25, 2010 at 2:47 am

    ‘Drea – I couldn’t agree more. It was just so perfect as I was engrossed with these kids and then turned around to the call of my name. Last year I came away from Congo with a ton of pictures of beautiful places and bad roads, but only one of me posed by the lake. I’ll take candid any day! Can’t wait to share the rest of this day, as my camera died again and now I’m back to upload. Hopefully tomorrow. For now – sleep, sweet sleep after 36 hrs en route and another 12 settling in.

    Sweet dreams!


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