International Rotary Family

IMG_0789One of the things the I love about Rotary is that you can step into a room and feel like you are coming home. Last night I had a miss, arriving well past the sunset time listed for all clubs in Bujumbura, only to find no one had arrived eat. I was glad to try again tonight.

The Club that I met with tonight was extremely welcoming and a highlight of my week. They all loved my name and many members recognized Dupont Circle from their time in Washington for something or other.

The presentation was on the youth oriented programs that Rotary offers, including the Rotary Youth Exchange Program that took me on my first international adventure.

I also love how international our club is. For those who aren’t familiar, if you miss a meeting at your club, you can make it up anywhere in the world. From our club we had members in Beirut, Lebanon, Harare, Zimbabwe, and now Bujumbura, Burundi. When I saw the other posts from members, I knew I had to add myself to that list. I am so glad I did.

This was written last week in Bujumbura, but I couldn’t get pictures loaded.  Since I’ll be missing my Rotary meeting in DC tonight, I figured I would schedule this post for Tuesday Rotary days.  Tomorrow I will be visiting another club in Nairobi.

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