Into the Bush

This morning we are headed into the bush for the next five days. More unknowns than knowns, so it is hard to say how the trip will pan out.

What is known is that we’ll be driving around 24 plus hrs during that period. Hard to say for sure until you are done, as you never know where you might get stuck along the way. I’ll let you know about that when I return.

It seems that there are at least a few more resources in the field, as in a place to stay and food. What that looks like is hard to say though. In DRC at least you know there is nothing, so you must bring whatever you need with you.

I’ll be headed up to do hospital assessments in two different areas along the Guinea border. One is for a hospital we already manage, and the other we will hopefully be managing soon.

Wish me luck and see you when I get back. I do have a modem that might work in the bush, so if it does I may try to use it just because I can.

Safe travels,


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