Introducing the incredible Jeepney!

These awesome small buses were one of the first things I noticed on my ride from the airport. With the hustle and bustle of Manila, they are one of parts of the city I’ve enjoyed the most.

Sorry the picture sizing isn’t what I’d like it to be, trying to work out the technical quirks, but figured it was better to post than to delay further.  I missed the photo op of the Angry Birds bus that my nephew would have loved!  They all have these “text about my driving on the back” signs that crack me up.

Manila_Intramuros 112Manila_Intramuros 111Manila_Intramuros 115017

This bus is one of my favs, parked outside my hotel.  Our Mother of Perpetual Hope.  How can you get better than that!
016Manila_Intramuros 069Manila_Intramuros 116From having ridden plenty of local transportation around the world, I’m sure the novelty runs out quickly!  I’m outta here!

I still haven’t actually ridden one, but perhaps I’ll give one a try!



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