Job Rocks

I’d have to say, that after one week on the job, I’m even more psyched than before.

Here are some of the basics of my portfolio. I am the Regional Coordinator, or RC, for Great Lakes and West Africa. This currently includes Liberia, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. They say they will add Cameroon once I’m up to speed on the first three.

While some of the numbers are ever shifting due to finances and so forth, I have a portfolio of $16 Million dollars under my purview and 391 total staff; about 20 are expats living abroad and the rest are local to the area.

The office is super small, we are talking less than a tenth of my old office space. The team is primarily women and trends heavily on the younger side. Both of these factors make it for a very friendly office where everyone is excited to have me on board. It is an incredibly lean team for the amount of work that happens. While it was initially hard to judge my role from my title, now I have a better sense of where I fit in.

I’m the most senior when it comes to program staff and am the final decision when it comes to my region. I have a highly qualified staff to handle the logistics and daily management issues, so my role is to coordinate them and look at the big picture side of things in terms of strategy and proposals.

Overall I’m very happy with where I’m at and feel that I’ll be able to make an impact on the health of many lives throughout the world.



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