Kabul Breast Cancer Walk

Last Friday we did a breast cancer walk in support of my sister. My sister Jade is doing a 60 mile walk, over three days, in honor of my sister Leah – a two time breast cancer survivor.

I sent around a note about the walk and then my best friend here suggested that we round up the troups and do a breast cancer walk here in Kabul. Who knows – it could be a first!

There were seven us who did 10 miles a piece. One brave soul ran a full twenty in the same time we walked 10!

We walked around in circles around a compound in Kabul, at a quarter of a mile for each lap we did at least forty laps! It was a fun and beautiful day in Kabul. Great to be out and active with friends, as well as supporting such a great cause!
Here is Malcolm counting his chips. Since we had to do so many laps, someone had the brilliant ideas to use the hand made poker chips they had made to tally our progress. For each five mile stint there were two square chips. When you pulled this chip you had to take a chance and see what challenge you had to do. This included skipping, walking backwards, jumping, singing, waving your arms enthusiastically, and best of all taking a rest – I never did manage to get that one!.
Here are the ladies excited by our tabel of fruit, nuts, veggies cut up by our chef in a beautiful tray, and power bars from the base.

We also cut out pink ribbons to add to the fun! My sis walks on September 12th-14th. Please show your support by making a contribution here!

Together we can fight it!


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