Let it rain!

It is now officially the rainy season in Vietnam. And boy is it ever. Last week it was hot as hell and was only raining intermittently. Now it has cooled down significantly, so we aren’t all a bunch of sweaty mongers, and the rains have been consistent.

I came out of a fabulous massage this evening and there was an incredible light mist that was falling on the city. This felt incredible after a hot stone massage. In a word, bliss. I had to force myself to not float off on a cloud and pay attention to on coming traffic of scooters headed my way.

Now it just started pouring. I can hear it loudly all around and opened the window so I could have it sink in even more.

I love the rain. Maybe it is just because I’m an Oregon girl at heart. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of the rain pounding on my roof in Ghana. The smell of it, the feel. All of the above.

Folks here cover up with the requisite plastic poncho. In this heat I’d rather just get soaked. Or stay where I am until it stops. For now I think I’ll settle into bed so I can have the rain sing me to sleep.


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