Little Earthquakes

I can hear jets overhead. They don’t even take a break for the holiday. It is Afghanistan’s Independence day – 89 years of independence from the UK. The last thirty years of war. I’d imagine that there is a sad irony amongst Afghans about how independent they really are these days.

They’ve got billions of dollars flowing into the country from aid, and tons of opium flowing out. You’d think that things would be better here than they are.

Yet we are still celebrating independence under lock down in the house, due to threats of violence in the midst of celebration. We question where they get such good intelligence if they can’t actually stop the violence. We also question why it is that the more security there is in the country, the more dangerous it gets. I’d say it has something to do with job security for the security companies. Who are certainly taking more than their fair share of what should be helping this country.

Last night we felt a small earthquake. It was the first I’d ever felt, shaking my bed to the extent that I knew it had to be an earthquake. I find it representative of all that happens here that is oblivious to the West. While flying back across the world a few weeks ago I couldn’t help but notice how connected and disconnected we have become. I guess it is just a sign of the times.


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