Lucy in the Sky

I’ve clearly been roaming around without having time to check in. After Somaliland I headed directly to Kisumu and Migori the next days.  Then on to visit Dadaab, where the refugee camps are at the Somali border of Kenya.  Back to Nairobi, and then on to Addis.  Tomorrow I’m headed out to Dollo Ado, where the refugee camps are on the Ethiopian side of the Somali border.  Hearing feedback from other folks, I’m excited to see the work that we are doing. 

The connection here in Addis leaves something to be desired, so I won’t be posting all of my photos, but I figured I’d share this quick pick that was taken today at the Ethiopian National Museum.  As the cradle of humanity, Ethiopia has an impressive collection of archeological finds.  It also has such a fascinating history that I’m always interested to learn more.

I’m standing here next to a replica of Lucy, the oldest upright ancestor of humans. She was discovered in 1974, and was named after Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, clearly popular at that time.  As my luck has it, she is on tour in Texas right now.  Go figure.



  1. Mike Adams on May 15, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    Amazing blog. Thanks

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