I was rewarded in cleaning out my unused gmail account to find several unexpected messages from my father, Wally, who past away last year.  Since my gmail account received messages that were replied to directly from my blog, I hadn’t received these, but I thought readers would enjoy his comments on some of my posts.

About a month before Wally’s death I sent out an email announcing my next travels around East Africa, entitled Back on the Road.  His respond was:
“I want to go to madagascar!!!”

Madagascar happens to have been at the top of my travel list since 3rd grade, when I did a paper on lemurs.  National Geographic was likely my only source other than Encyclopedia Britannica. I’ll have to bump up the priority of making it there.

Wally’s response to my Climb on Mount Nyiragongo was priceless:

Amazing climb and lava. In Chacos no less.  Stupid.  You ought to get some endorsement  bucks from Chaco for a paraphrase of the adventure. Leave out the part about the freezing feet.  Regarding your post about bobonos, Reane Eisler explores the historical and cultural roots of misogyny , male chavenism, and dominance.  In her second book, Sacred Pleasure , she asserts that people came from bobonos as opposed to larger apes.   Talk to you later . Love, Wally

To leave on a light note, another response to a post I did on Conflict Minerals had me cracking up:
I highly recommend against snorting or injecting any of the conflict minerals. Just a hunch. wally

These messages from the past remind me to take my travels lightly.  Enjoy the journey.  Keep posting, even if inconsistently. Keep sharing the story.


My father Wally is in the middle of the gang, taken in the mid 80s.


  1. Unknown on October 29, 2012 at 4:53 pm

    Awe, sis, this post really makes me miss Wally. Sometimes I try to tell him what’s going on in my life, but I can never quite channel a believable response. His responses were often too wacky to make up. 😉 I do agree that we need to take ourselves less seriously and remember how lucky we are. Thanks for all your postings!

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