Manila Travel Review

I landed in Washington yesterday morning, and wrote this from my hotel room in Manila, but wanted to share a few quick reviews for those traveling to Manila.  I know I often look for similar guidance, and don’t often actually find it, so I figured I’d draft up a few notes that might be helpful for someone traveling to Manila.

I stayed at the Herald Suite Solana, in Makati City, at 2914 Finlandia St, Corner of Einstein.  I booked on for about $63 for a regular room and $73 to upgrade to the suite.  Who can’t love a place that gives you a fruity drink and a cold towel while Christmas music plays.  The suite has been huge and was nice for staying for so long.  The breakfast is included and excellent.  I managed to learn the system in that if you are staying by yourself you are eligible for two breakfasts, so I’ve been having both eggs and waffles.  The restaurant has very tasty food otherwise and is better than many places you can find out and about, with as good or better prices.  They also have massage for about $12, where they come to you room for a massage. Well worth it!  The weather wasn’t ideal for the swimming pool, but it is nice and clean and the sauna is an authentic Finnish sauna.  There is a Cash & Carry small mall with grocery store walking distance as well.  It’s about 10 minutes to the center of Makati.  My only complaint about the room is that the chair isn’t fabulous for working for hours, but hopefully a reason to get out and do something else.

Colleagues stayed at the Best Western Plus Antel, and the rooms weren’t nearly as nice in my opinion.  It is centrally located, but in a seedy neighborhood where Hooters is the mild neighbor, along with pool dance and twerking, as well as midget wrestling.  I’m happy to have stayed where I did.

The Corner Tree Cafe, at 150 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati, is a vegetarian place that is phenomenal.  It is a rare non-chain restaurant and the food is simply incredible.  I wouldn’t often say that about a tofu walnut burger, but this place is something else.  They have a salty caramel chololate tort that is heavenly as well!

Green Belt is really the go to area for restaurants and such in Makati.  All are chains, but you’ve got options that are an upgrade to food courts.  The food courts in Manila are on the barely edible range in my opinion.  There is all the shopping you could ever want as well, from high end to American staples.

The Fix Lab, in Glorietta 4 (Level 2), adjacent to Greenbelt, was also great for a haircut, wax, and mani/pedi.  It is right next to Skin Expert, where I had a facial that last 2.5 blissful hours!

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