Miel’s Abode in Kabul

Welcome to my abode!

Certainly a long ways from our place in Washington, but I’ve worked to make it a home away from home.

The placement of the room is superb, tucked away in the back left ground floor. Though I’d generally prefer to have a place further up, this keeps it away from the kitchen and gives me a view of the back garden.

The corner also gives me great morning light from two sides. Kabul is generally bright and sunny every day. As you can see, I’ve now set up my laptop facing the back garden, with a view of the roses for now.

One of the essentials that I brought along with me was a great set of bedding. Nice and cozy for those cold winter nights. I also brought along the red silk pillows that James & I bought on our honeymoon to think of us.

I do yoga and exercises in front the nice sized mirror. There is a treadmill that I worked out on several times a week down stairs as well.

As you can see I’ve also stocked up on yarn. I’m doing my first practice round and will have my work cut out for me this winter!

I’m still looking for the perfect Afghan rug to warm the place up. The floors are current marble, which is plentiful and cheap around here. If only for shipping.

My view of the back yard with red and pink roses in bloom and geraniums against the back wall.

I’m glad that I brought lots of great candles as well.

A perfect night in Kabul, only missing my dear husband James!

Much love,



  1. HamiHarri on October 16, 2007 at 9:45 pm

    Very interesting! I’m happy you started this new blog!

  2. barbara on October 17, 2007 at 7:16 pm

    Your habitat looks cozy and inviting. I am sure that you will be very happy there. BABS

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