New Year – New Job

Happy New Year!

I was grateful to usher in the New Year with great news. I landed an excellent job and signed off on New Year’s Eve. I will start with a local development organization on Monday as a Regional Coordinator. This position is the best of many worlds. I will be the primary connector between various field offices and help to improve overall management. The organization works in emergency medical relief but specializes in training to improve medical systems in developing nations. I will be based in DC and still have the benefit of lots of international travel. I will be assigned which countries I’ll be managing once I get started, but it looks that I’ll be headed back to Africa Yeah!

I start on Monday and am looking forward to doing so. All the people whom I’ve been in contact with thus far have been very nice and efficient. The office is in a great location that is just over 1.5 miles away, that will add at least 16 miles of walking per week.

Thanks to all of you for your support in the process of getting a new job.



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