Off to East Africa

So I am off again, currently in Nairobi, though finally posting this note that wrote at the tale end on a seven hour lay over in Doha, Qatar, after a 14 hour flight, with one more leg to arrive in Nairobi at dawn. Just in time for what I am certain will be a busy work day with very important meetings. Easier said than done after 52 hours in transit!

This trip nearly takes the cake for short term notice. I had been expecting to go to Kenya and the region in two weeks, but when I submitted my passport for another round of visa on Friday, I had no expectation that I would be flying around the world on Monday.

On Friday afternoon it began as a possibility, and by Sunday it was confirmed. My visa came out around 2pm on Monday and my ticket issued at 3pm. The only saving grace in the strenuous 24 hr routing through the middle east is that allowed for a later, slightly less hectic flight out of DC, after a day of hustling to get Power of Attorneys issued for various things we have on our plates, getting last minute items, etc.

I am scheduled to be gone for six weeks. My last six week trip to the region was so jam packed that it seemed to go by in a flash. This time around I will mostly be in Nairobi, with a week in Mombasa and Addis each, as well as a likely short trip over to Mogadishu.

I will admit that this time I am a bit mixed as I head out. Part of me is excited at the work that lies ahead, as well as visiting some of my favorite places in Africa. The other part of me already misses my husband James and questions my own nomadic tendencies. It is tough having pulls from both directions. The ever illusive art of balance.

This time around I hope to be better about reflecting and posting, as well as taking photos. On my last trip out to Oregon, I even managed to write several times and never managed to post. My last trip to east Africa still remains in draft post, so to speak.


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