Room Change

I know I won’t be back there for over another month, but I figured that I still might as well share my new room with folks before even more time has passed. I moved directly upstairs from where I was and love my new room. I’m right across the hall now from my closest colleague, friend, and workout partner. We now share the upper back balcony.

Check out my new digs!

Check out my fabulous Buddha from Vietnam!

The only thing that has changed from these photos is that my favorite back wall, that reminded me of Africa, is now no longer. The day I returned from Pakistan it came crashing down. The neighbors ripped a giant hole in the wall, destroying our garden plants, without ever asking. So much for security. Now we have a functional, but ugly wall as a replacement. 🙁

But I still love my room, so much light! Plus I no longer have to share a bathroom with the most disgusting bathroom mate you can imagine. Can’t believe I shared a bathroom with seven men over the course of nine months! Ugh!



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