That’s the most common expression in Africa for being fired. I sacked the Country Director of my project here in DRCongo yesterday. It had been in the works since I arrived in country, but it is amazing what a difference it has made already.

Day one as the Acting Country Director and already things are in better order.

Today was hugely productive. Even with 13+ hours working nonstop I still managed to end the day with the same number of emails I started with: 420. See what traveling out in the bush will do you! I survived the mud, militia, and monkeys but can’t seem to dig my way out of email yet. I have faith I’ll recover over the weekend.

The generator will be going off shortly. We’ve extended the working hours as one of the first indications that change is here, but will still need to hit the sack to repeat again tomorrow.

I have so many adventures to tell, but not enough time to share them all right now. All is going very well and I am both successful, happy, and fulfilled.

Keep you posted!


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