Soft Rock Extreme

The Philippines is where soft rock goes to die a long and celebrated death.

Wham! Air Supply. Lionel Richie. They are all here, and then some.

A healthy dose of Christmas songs prevail, but the predominant music of choice in the Philippines is clearly soft rock. Many are very recognizable tunes, but It goes to such extremes that you can’t imagine where the DJs go for such soft rock fodder.

I nearly cracked up out loud in the taxi when there was a particularly sappy song on. Then I caught the lyric “you made me loose a bit of self esteem when you made it with the whole hockey team.” I am thinking it was a one hit, one second wonder in Canada, circa 1981.

There are also tons of soft rock concerts all the time. Like the Vegas of soft rock. Enjoy the listening pleasure of Englebert Humperdinck. I resisted the the temptation of Air Supply, though I was a big fan at maybe age 7.

If you are a fan of soft sappy rock, the Philippines may be your place!

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