You might be thinking its a bit late for Thanksgiving, but I believe that it’s always a good time to share gratitude for what we are thankful for in life.

In fact up there on my list is being thankful for spending a long and luxurious weekend with my husband, largely escaping from being online or concerning ourselves with our obligations around work, study, and beyond.

I’m also thankful for my cooking faculties, where after years of practice taking on various pieces with my mom and sisters, I can now whip up a seven course meal in our rather small kitchen. I could nearly say single handed, but it wouldn’t be nearly the same without James tasting and cleaning assistance to keep me company in the kitchen from time to time.

My thanks extends to having completed another global circuit, covering thousands of miles over six weeks, safe and sound once again. I’m eternally grateful to not only continue to pursue a career that I am passionate about and feel makes a difference in the world, but also to have an understanding, caring, and patient husband who loves me just the way I am.

I’m thankful for my family, though they may be far away, I still feel close to them. I’m grateful for video clips of my nephew dancing and being able to connect through the miles.

Lastly I’m thankful for my big fat cats whose love only shows more when it is cold outside!



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