Welcome back, Nomad

I’ve missed you. You’ve been on hiatus. But you were there all along.

The source that makes me uniquely Miel. What a gift we give ourselves in being real. The universe expands upon itself to reward us.




I am grateful to take the time to invest in myself to share more of it. I am aware of how hesitant I have been to share my authentic self, without fear of being too much, wanting too much, taking on too much.

The stories we tell ourselves are the truest reality there is, even if it is always perceived.

The feeling of being connected to your source is the juiciest energy there is. Lusciously dangerous.

Like the genie can’t go back into the bottle, the nomad is never out of this world. We are everywhere at once, with time collapsing on itself. It was a lie that it was ever linear. Another story we tell ourselves. A fiction to make it easier to walk away. To not give into temptation to live our dreams.

Here is to authentic living, and sharing the journey along the way!