Why I love my job

Just a reminder of why I am here and the impact that study abroad programs have on the Afghan Faculty members who participate. This is recent feedback on how the Singapore participants, that I accompanied in January, are doing.

All of the participants are shocked at the contrast between Afghanistan and Singapore. They are amazed at the facilities of the school, at the quality of the architecture in the city, of the cleanliness and the greenery, of the efficient transportation system and the security. Most find it exhilarating and exciting, like a dream come true, while others find it slightly overwhelming. There is one participant in particular who is very overwhelmed with the contrast and is crying quite a lot. This person feels a great deal of sadness, anger, frustration and has asked me everyday why people in Singapore, who are Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Chinese, Malay and Indian, can live together peacefully and in an organized fashion and not kill each other. The reality of a peaceful, multi-cultural society has opened up the eyes of this participant to Afghanistan in a new way.

Yes, we can live in peace,


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