Working Out in Kabul

Working out has become a huge part of my life in Kabul. My closest friend and colleague have created a strong bond over exercise. Without a great deal of other social outlets, we’ve opted to channel our energies into working out.

Now we’ve been working out consistently since February two to three times a day, aside from working out separately when I’ve been out of the country. Aerobics, kick-boxing, pilates, yoga, wedding workouts, and walking videos. You name it! Our widening selection of DVDs only confirms that we are junkies.

The other night at dinner someone mentioned that in Kabul you either are a hunk, a monk, a chunk or a drunk. I’m glad to fall into none of those categories and to be making the most of my time here.

On Friday we’ve organized a walk-a-thon in honor of my sister’s 3 day walk for breast cancer, 60 miles total, honoring my other sisters battle with the disease. There should be a group of 6 walking around in circles, 80 laps around a small compound, to total 15 miles each. I’ll report more on Friday, but thought folks would be interested in hearing about the upcoming fun in Kabul.



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