You Got Me

You had me at clean cookstoves. 🙂

I definitely fell for your passion and your commitment to life. You got me says it all. You had me wondering if you could be the one. I tried to play it cool. So cool that it took a working hike to pique your interest and wonder if it could be so.

I love you so truly and deeply. It feels like a fresh breath. I smile on a summer day.

I love that we can connect about so much in life. We really take it to another level. Something I didn’t really think was feasible. I feel so fortunate to share so much in common that we are passionate about and enjoy doing together.

You make my heart skip a beat

The way you take my hand like that

It’s everything that I’ve been dreaming of

We make life an adventure. Every single day. Never a dull moment around here.

You take me just the way I am.

You got me.

Little spoon